Feedback von Marina

„It was the first time I heard about the history of Martin Niemöller and all those brave men and women who helped prosecuted Jews to escape. I liked how HE told us the story, I could make a good picture of what happened and how Martin Niemöller evolved. The book that was gifted in the end to get even more information, especially the consideration to have a copy available in light German language. Even if I feel more comfortable in English, that helps a lot to keep learning the language. The discussion that took place later and the way of answering questions with the color notes was quite fun. The food was amazing and the atmosphere around contributed to having very nice conversations. Maybe it would have been interesting to focus the discussion not only on the Martin Niemöller house, but also on more general and current topics related to diversity, cultural differences, or personal experiences when arriving in Germany. I was unaware of the role played by the rebel group within the protestant church during WWII; it was a surprise to get to know the stories of all the people, especially the women, that stood up and risked their lives to help the Jews.

I felt very comfortable both during the tour, the discussion, and the food and drinks afterward. There was a cozy atmosphere that invited us to get to know each other, and everybody was very respectful and friendly. It was a very interesting project. I think that no matter how many times we talk about this, it’s very important to keep remembering what happened so that similar mistakes are not made in the future. Looking forward to the next project!“

Peer-Treffen am 18. März 2023

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